Feral kittens

by Ruth
(Massachusetts )

Last summer there were 4 feral kittens born in our shed...never got to see the mother, they would wonder out so I fed them since the mother disappeared. They would run and hide whenever they saw us but there was one that wasn’t as scared. I left food out during the winter...I had a camera setup so I could see if any other cats were around, I only saw the four..every time I went to the shed to leave food the one kitten eventually became very friendly. Unfortunately it was a female and became pregnant before I could get her fixed. She had her kitten(s) in the same shed but they are hidden and I won’t go looking for them because I don’t want her to move them..I’m waiting until they start coming out on their own. Once they are weaned I plan on getting mother cat fixed and get the needed shots and bring her and kittens inside. I already have 2 indoor cats so I won’t introduce them until outdoor cats have their shots. I’d like to make the outdoor mommy cat and her kittens indoor cats since they’ll live longer. I’m wondering how hard it will be for mommy cat to adjust to indoor life since she’s been outside since she was born. (About 8-9 months ago)
Two of the original feral kittens have gone but there is one other that stays around, I’m wondering if it might be the father of the new litter. He’s not as friendly as mommy cat but comes out when it’s time to eat..I can’t get close to him because he hides...
It took all winter for mommy cat to trust me, she now comes to the back door when I call her and follows me like a little puppy. I can pet her but she won’t let me pick her up...guess some cats are like that. I have an indoor cat that doesn’t like to be picked up either.


There are many different situations involving feral kittens and cats. Some very useful information is available from Alley Cat Allies and the Feral Cat Coalition which have links on one of my pages. Visit their websites and read some of the hints. The links are on my page dealing with Feral Cats. Here is the link:

Feral Cats

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Jun 13, 2020
God Bless You
by: MF4Mark

God bless you for taking care of the kittens, mom and her litter. People like you are few and far between and I think the world would be a better place if more had your kindness. I hope all the kitties turned out OK and have warm, loving homes.

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