Finally Opening a Cat Shelter.. :)

by Ana
(Male, Maldives)

Hello Carolynne,
A small group of people here in Maldives, including myself are planing to open a cat shelter. This Sunday we will be visiting The Fisheries Ministry of Maldives and The Housing Ministry of Maldives to get the needed permissions and paper works, we are hoping that they will approve. We are establishing an NGO and we will be raising awareness and putting up a fund box. To do this we are planning to organize an entertainment / music show.
We also plan to bring a vet to the Maldives as soon as the shelter starts making some income. I hope this goes to plan. There are many cat enthusiasts here in Maldives than i thought . There is a registered group called Maldivian Cataholics , on facebook. You can see us there. :)
I just wanted to let you know that we are planning this :) . We will execute our plan as soon as possible.. I will keep you updated.Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Much love to you and your critters,


Hi Ana,

I am absolutely thrilled to hear that you have been able to get involved in such an admirable project. Congratulations !!!

I also commend you for taking such an active lead in bettering the lives of our beloved felines. I hope that some our readers will also visit your Facebook page.

Wishing you lots of success and happiness with your new endeavor,


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