Fish oil...or Omega 3 fatty acids??

by Ana
(Male , Maldives)

Hello Carolynne..What would you recommend for Garfield..I am going to buy the medicines you told me about,but i am confused and don't know what to choose..Should i give him both fish oil and omega 3 fatty acids..What do you recommend..Should i give him the normal glucosamine that's available in pharmacy's..I went to my pharmacist and he told me that liquid glucosamine is available and that it given to humans..Is this the same one you recommended..And would you please tell me how to give him these it going to be okay if i give fish oil/omega 3 fatty acids to Zizo..He's my other cat..Garfield and Zizo are twins...


Hi Ana, sorry I took a few days to respond to you. I've got a sick 12 year old cat that needed lots of attention so everything else waited.

I guess I confused you because the fish oil contains the omega 3 fatty acids that are needed so its basically one item. As for glucosamine, I'm not sure if the one for humans is the same or what the difference is. However, there are a number of products available for pets both in tablet and liquid form. I usually find liquid easier to sneak into their food rather than fight to get a pill down them but it depends on how easy your cat takes a pill...mine do badly so liquid is my choice.

To make it easier for you to research what is in the products and then see if you can obtain the equivalent type items where you are in Maldives, I've put a couple of the items on my Pet Products page. Once on that page scroll down to the orange color that says Entirely Pets (a company that I use quite a bit for my cats) and you will see a photo of fish oil and a photo of glucosamine. Click on the photo and it will take you to the products and then you can get the info on the ingredients. Make a note of the ingredients and then go to your local pharmacy or pet store and see what they have that is similar. Pet Products.

It's okay to give Zizo these healthy supplements and they will do him good but if cost is a factor then Garfield, being the one with the problems, should be the priority. I do hope you find the equivalent products at a store in your area.

As always, good luck with your two little critters.

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