found 2 cats with blisters on paws what do i do or do they need vet

found 2 adult black cats that one has blisters on the 2 front paws and swollen and other has the same thing but just its back paw.they are very sensitive to touch so I know they hurt cause they try to bite ya when u go to touch and is there anything I can do til I get the money to take to a vet I cannot leave animals on the side of the road I have 3 dogs and 4 cats that I have found out in the middle of no where just makes me sick..but at this time I want to try to make them comfortable I put salve and wrapped them up but the one with front paws just don't want to move much but she does and the other just limps..they are healthy other then the paws..please help I just hate that I cant get to vet right now..i myself have been injured at work and in pain so I feel for these animals


I don't know what salve you've applied but you have done the right thing. I tend to use Neosporin. Wrapping the paws is good to prevent them licking off the applied product, although a plastic Elizabethan type collar can prevent easy access if you can't wrap them.

I commend you for helping needy animals.

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