Found a tabby kitten

by Tichona
(Hemet, ca)

I found a tabby kitten in my backyard this morning, I waited 5 hours to see if the mom was coming back but it never did, so I brought it in. I'm unsure how old it is. its ears are normal, it can walk but clumsily, it has teeny baby teeth and it comes towards me when it sees me move, and its eyes are blue but I can see a little outside slice of a darker color. I bought kitten food that is like liquid milk and a kitten bottle (it doesn't like the bottle much so I'm improvising by slowly pouring it in). would you know how I can tell how old it is and when I can give it actual cat food? Also, I have a calico who is 2 years old and I was wondering how do I make my cat like the kitten? my cat is very playful and predatory towards bugs and every time she sees the kitten her pupils dilate and she tries to bite her. when she does bite her the kitten does not cry so I am wondering if she is giving small bites. should I allow her to keep trying to play with the kitten or would she actually be trying to hurt the kitten?


I commend you for rescuing a kitten that may have ended up prey for other animals without its mother to protect it. My guess is that something happened to the mother or she'd have returned to her kitten.

When I have brought strays into my home, the first visit is to the vet to make sure they won't pass a disease or fleas to my other cats. The vet looks at the teeth and is able to estimate the age. Then we set a schedule for the necessary shots the kitten will need.

A new kitten in the house can cause jealousy with other cats and you have to be watchful that it doesn't get too serious whereby the smaller kitten is injured by the older resident cat.

I have found it helpful to segregate the newcomer in a separate room for a few weeks so that the older cats become accustomed to its presence. So, you may have to scold the older cat for any attacks on the kitten and give it treats when it refrains from badgering the little one.

I wish you the best in working through the jealousy factor and creating a harmonious atmosphere for both felines.

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Dec 29, 2017
by: Tichona

Thank you for the advice :) that is what I will do.

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