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by Deborah Allen

My cat came home and is limping with his front left paw. There are no signs of injury, cuts, bites, he does not mind you touching it, turning it, pushing on it, could it be he landing on it wrong, if it was broke wouldn't he yeah, he will flex he's toes at times, there is feeling in it, he'll move it if he gets tired of you touching it. He wants to go back out since the sun is out but I'm a little afraid of letting him do this. Any advice.?


If you cat's paw was broken he should be reacting to pain more and not just limping. When you checked his paw, did you leave his claws retracted? It is possible that a claw is broken and causing discomfort when he retracts them. You can easily extend them by pressing the joint above each digit and you will see it come out. You will also see if one is getting ingrown.

Ingrown claws don't occur much with cats that are let outdoors because the cement they walk on outside or climb a tree using their claws keeps them trimmed somewhat but with an indoor cat the lack of wear can cause the nail to loop around and back into the pad. I trim my indoor cats nails to prevent this.

If there are no broken or ingrown claws, then it is probably what you suspected...landing wrong and getting a sprain. If this limp doesn't disappear or at least have some improvement in 2 or 3 days then I would seek professional help and get him to a vet. Hoping it resolves quickly.

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