Is flea infestation animal neglect?

by Pamela
(Midlothian, VA, USA)

Before picture when my dad had her

Before picture when my dad had her

My sister has my dad's cat, approx 11-12 years, who has a bad allergic reaction to fleas (1 flea = 50,000 fleas). I have taken her to the vet in 2014 ($400) and 2018 ($600) with the same diagnosis treatment (steriod, antibiotic, & fluids).

My sister & her daughter said it's because she's getting old but I never seen a old cat with large lesions, hair loss--she looks so terrible. I don't buy that line for a minute. I have bought Seresto collars and some in-home treatments. This has been going on for 4 years now. Nothing has change since then & I am at my wits end with this problem.

My niece informed me I was hurting her mother. Well, what about the suffering cat? They won't do anything so she is better off in a home where she can have end-of-comfort care or being euthanized to get her out of misery and pain. They never take their pets for vaccines or rabies. It pains me to know this ongoing situation. My niece has threaten me that I was "on notice", mind my own business, & will never be able to take this cat away. It's totally tearing me up inside.

I am an advocate animal lover and they have much rights as we do if we are caretakers of our beloved pets. Only time this lovely purebred Turkish Angora has been treated is when I take her to the vet.

Any suggestions on how I can deal with this or really let it go? Help, help, help!!!


I suggest you report this situation to the local SPCA or Humane Society in your area. They can investigate and make a decision.

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