Is it common that my cat gets a head cold when seasons change?

by Meg/merlin
(New Jersey)

Pure bred Siberian forest cat 18lb mucsle can break bat on his chest!

Pure bred Siberian forest cat 18lb mucsle can break bat on his chest!

I sent questions about allergies and my cat but picture didn't go through here it is. Meg is my name. My Siberian is Merlin.


Cats getting head colds during season changes isn't common if its an indoor cat. However, outdoor cats exposed to cold weather are more susceptible.

In this case provide a warm bed and extra protein in their diet when they return home. Cats can get frostbite and hypothermia just like humans do. The extra protein will help thicken the fur adding a little more insolation. Adding a fatty acid supplement such as fish oil will also help their coat.

You also mentioned allergies but didn't elaborate so here is the link to allergies in cats.

Allergies in Cats

By the way, Merlin is a gorgeous cat.

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Mar 03, 2017
Merlin thanks you
by: Meg/merlin

Btw, Merlin is an indoor cat I take him out for walks in a stroller. He refused a leash. It's good mental stimulation and being an indoor cat can get boring. YOU DONT WANT TO SEE HIM BORED! HAHA. He did get over his cold by the very help you suggested- I am careful with diet and only give dry protein kibble as "Treats" but also give freeze dried wild Alaskan salmon treats. So I increased them a little and kept his wet meals all salmon for three days..Bingo he stopped sneezing!! Granted he's an oily little rascal now as the Siberian emits an oily residue within their waterproof triple layer coat but it's nothing a lot of brushing can't disperse. And thank for the compliment we think he's pretty damn handsome too! You should have seen him shaved down once when he had a skin reaction OMG! Too cute for words

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