by sharon taylor
(colorado springs, co)

Josie is my kitten, she is about 18 months old, very pampered and continuously played with...we have a game we play a lot, but when I don't want to play,she sits at my feet and gives me a little "chirp" if you will..not a meow, but a chirp...trying to get my attention...she does this chirp in the morning tryng to wake me...question...will she eventually stop as she gets older?


I smiled when I read this because I have a cat that since she was a 4 month old, chirps or squeaks, she is now 15 and still does it. In the case of my cat, when she was a kitten both she and her sister were found at a dumpster and animal control put them into foster care. Then I adopted both of them.

The sister, Revlon, mewed lightly but L'Oreal Blaze squeaked. I believe that they were without their mother at a young age and weren't taught some feline sounds. They were checked by the vet to see they were healthy and so it was not a physical thing.

They entered a home with other cats that meowed and Revlon remains very quiet with her mews, not meows...while Blaze still squeaks. Perhaps it was some trauma they both had as kittens, but it hasn't mattered to us.

The are healthy, happy and well adjusted cats at this point in time, years later. So, you may have a Squeaker or Chirper for years to come, or your cat may learn to communicate by meowing. That's all it is...a way to communicate so the sound doesn't really concern me, I understand what they want.

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