Kitten Food allergies?

by Roseanna
(Houston, TX, USA)

We adopted Puffin from a shelter when she was 5 months old. She weighed 3.6 lbs. I began feeding her Purina Pro chicken, turkey, tuna and salmon, and beef. She seemed to get sick and be lethargic after the seafoods and the beef so I stopped those and now feed only turkey and chicken. I was giving her occasional hard kitten food (friskies), but she gags trying to eat it. She has periodic 'spells' that appear to be wheezing but then she gets over them and goes about her day. Next month she will be a year old and isn't putting on much weight. She is just 5 lbs. now. She is an indoor cat, so no outside allergens have been involved. I took her to the vet and they noticed her gums were very red. Vet gave her a Vetalog injection but two weeks later, we were back with no improvement. Gums still red, still periodic spells. Vet gave her a Depo Medrol injection. Vet said her body was not maintaining the protein from her food which seemed to be the cause for no weight gain. She asked me to put her on hydrolized food.
I tried, but the kitty refused to eat it, so that didn't work. I tried some off flavor types of food like artic char but she wouldn't eat that either. Lady at the shelter where I got her said I might try some venison flavor food.. haven't done that yet. This kitten is an adorable sweetheart and I want to help her find something that is healthy for her and that will help her gain weight. Any thoughts or ideas on what to
try to feed her would be greatly appreciated.


I wish I had an solution for you but I don't.
You might try contacting Veterinary colleges that do research and see if they have any answers.

I wish you success.

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