Kitten with lower intestine infection.

by Jeffrey Hensley
(Sierra Vista, AZ, USA)

mess he makes

mess he makes

our 4 month old kitten Winston began not being able to hold in his poo, it was watery and just "leaked out" wherever. It began to get VERY messy so we kept hm in our large spare laundry room with towels and bedding. He however began bleeding from the anus, getting it everywhere, and licking, making it worse, etc. His anus looks like it went though a meat grinder. We took him to the vet yesterday and they said that his lower intestine has a viral or bacterial infection and that its causing uncontrolled diarrhea and irritation makes him lick and bleed. Theubgave him a head cone but he continues to make horrible messes with the poo and blood, and we can't keep him locked in the bathroom, he cries and hates it. I try to interact with him, but it can be messy. Is there a way, with maybe diapers? Something? That we can do to interact with our kitten while he heals? (He has much medications to take from the vet they said he'd be okay withing two weeks). We can't keep cleaning up blood and poo. And we dont want him locked up. In the pictures, we had cleaned the room about two hours before, left for dinner and came back to that. I would take a picture of his..."damage" but I figured if it makes me want to hurl, it will you.
Please help, thank you


It looks like you are having quite a time of it trying to help your kitty and I was pleased to see that you have had veterinarian assistance.

To answer your question about diapers, yes, they are available and I have a page dedicated to that topic since a lot of aging cats need them. Here is the link...Cat Diapers

I wish you success with the intestinal problem getting cleared up and know from experience with old cats that the cat diapers are a benefit.

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Jan 16, 2015
kitten with intestinal infection
by: Anonymous

have you tried boiling hamburger and rice. this could help

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