kitten with sudden paralysis

We have a kitten 31/2 wks. old, was perfectly healthy. My granddaughter noticed it's head was flopping around and it was unableto walk. Its paralyzed, he tries to move, he drags himself, he can't open his mouth, he appears to be blind. I suspect a spinal cord injury, though I don't know how. This is breaking my heart, I'm feeding him, if I open his mouth and put food in, he chews just fine. Same with water. I'm stumped and we're off to the vet. Do you have any ideas as to what is going on? Why he can't open his mouth, can't see, can't walk?


I was pleased to see that you are heading to the vet. This is serious. It sounds like you kitty was poisoned by ingesting a toxic substance but it could be a number of other things.

Please get him to the vet ASAP. I wish you luck in a happy resolution to his problem.

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