Lumps along spine

by Stephanie
(Woodstock Georgia usa)

Hi. Two of my cats (sisters, both 6 yrs old) have very pronounced lumps along the lower half of either side of the spine. They seem to be very tender. Their other sister doesn't have them. I'm wondering if it's just enlarged vertebrae or something else. Any ideas what it could be?


There are numerous reasons for this issue. Only a vet examination along with tests can give you to answer.

X-rays can show small, bony growths called esteophyte on the vertebrae. These bony growths are usually grown during aging or injury.

There is also Diskspondylitis where the vertebral disks become inflamed due to an infection caused by bacteria or a fungus.

When you have your vet exam the cats, try to recall when you first noticed the condition and also when the cats reacted to let know it was tender. Also, if you recall any injury either of them received, this information will help the vet determine which tests are needed.

I hope its not serious and wish you luck in resolving the problem soon.

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Aug 19, 2018
by: Anonymous

Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for answering my question, I'll have to ask my vet about those two conditions. They did an exam on them and had no clue what they are! so I'm going to get an x-ray. It's funny because out of all three sisters only two of them have it, and one of their nieces(I caught one sister that was pregnant) and I first noticed them when they were about 2 years old but I assumed it was part of their spine since they both had it. So I guess I'll find out soon what it is. Their skin jumps every time you touch it, and one sister has them a bit larger than the other. I bet will update to let you know what they say. Thank you again

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