my cat has the flu

by annah leigh overstreet
(boutote ,va)

my cat has the flu i thank but i do not no e is sleeping all day long


I found your question in the "Cat Story" section instead of the "Questions" area so I'll try to answer you here.

Cat flu is an upper respiratory tract infection that is fought off by the cat's immune system. This can take a week or a little longer but typically the cat remains reasonably healthy and eats. Is your cat eating? Is your cat using the litter box normally? Is your cat lethargic?

The fact that he's sleeping a lot during a bout with cat flu isn't too unusual but if he appears to have no interest in any activities or isn't eating and just sleeping during this illness, then I suggest you get him to the vet.

There is a possibility that there is more than cat flu involved when a cat is lethargic and has no desire for food. Please have your vet check him out if he's not eating. A lack of food can cause other problems such as fatty liver disease.

If you cat is still eating well and just sleeping a lot then seeing the vet immediately isn't an urgent priority but a suggestion. Good Luck, I hope your cat recovers soon.

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