My cat is not eating and has grown very weak

by Lisa

My cat has not been eating for three days now, and she seems to have grown exceedingly weak over the past few weeks. I tried getting her to eat by changing her food, and she still doesnt eat. Along with that, she has blackish stuff around her mouth, basically the lower side of it. She has also started to meow slightly too much, and is constantly doing so. she will be two years old this June. The blackish stuff is not acne or blackheads as i have seen the pictures and they are not like it. It is a sort of a blackish gunk thats basically all on the hair on the lower portion of her mouth. She has a stainless steal food bowl hence there is nothing to said about the food bowls being plastic or harmful. The matter of concern is that she has had a huge loss of appetite and has grown very thin over the last few weeks and does not eat, and the blackish gunk that sticks to her hair below her mouth. Please tell me what could possibly be wrong with her and where i need to make adjustments. I would take her to the vet but i need to find out for myself first hence please help me figure it out. Thanks.


You must get your cat to the vet. There are a number of possibilities for the blackish substance around the mouth but the fact she isn't eating is very dangerous. Too many days of not eating can cause liver problems such as fatty liver disease that is life threatening to your cat.

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