My cats ear is drooping

by Courtney
(Saskatoon, SK)

I first noticed his droopy ear a week ago. He's keeping it down, shaking his head, and pawing/scratching at it almost constantly now. I couldn't find any sign of mites or scratches on his ear, so i made a vet appointment.
The vet did swabs to check for infection, examined the insides, and cleaned them out, but ultimately could not find the cause of the irritation. She said it wasn't mites, and there was no sign of hematoma or infection either. She said theres a chance it could be allergies but he's on a grain free food diet and isn't responding to the Benadryl. I paid $150 for them to tell me they had no idea what it is.
Now his ear seems significantly worse and I'm almost entirely sure its some kind of infection because he is clearly very agitated and bothered by it (even more so now). I hate seeing him so uncomfortable... Any advice is greatly appreciated.


A few years ago I had a similar issue with one of my cats. Vet checked, no mites or infections. However, the distress continued so I became convinced that a bug got down the canal. There are small beetles appear periodically on the enclosed terrace they are allowed to use.

With the assistance of a friend, Max was bundled up like a burrito so he couldn't move and we flushed out his ear with warm water using a small rubber ear cleaning syringe. I think its made by Murine. Although it was not fun with a bundle of bouncing cat and hollering, after the 3rd or 4th squirt...out washed the beetle.

I figured if I was wrong, he was none the worse for wear and would have cleaner ears at least...and would avoid me for a week of course. But all worked out and he was relieved to have the issue resolved.

I wish I could help you further but don't know for sure what the problem with your cat is. However, here is the link to an article on cat allergies that may be of interest.

Allergies in Cats

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