my elderly cat ate a little 5 hours before surgery will she be okay

my elderly cat ate a little, 5 hours before surgery will she be okay?


The reason an animal shouldn't eat prior to surgery is so that during the medical procedure there is less chance of it vomiting. Typically they shouldn't ingest food for at least 8 hours. The vet is usually monitoring system functions while an animal is under anesthesia and one of the things watched carefully is any sign of vomiting.

Hopefully you alerted the vet that she'd had food 5 hours prior, but if it was a small amount most of it had been digested already. And, since that's one of the things they watch for, I don't think there will be any problems.

Elderly cats have a harder time with anesthesia than younger ones so recovery time can take a bit longer. I hope your cats has a successful surgery and all is well.

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