My two newbies ~~~

by joyfulsunrise

Well they are growing and have calmed down a bit....although they have terrific memories ~ a neighbor brought me a lovely floral arrangement with long slender reeds augmenting the flowers. It didn't take long for them to wide eyed jump up and capture the reeds. Played with them aggressively and although it was cute, I wasn't sure of their possible poison content. I have no idea what they were called. I placed the florals on the patio in view so I could still enjoy them, and both kitties jumped up on a bench to stare at them longingly.
I zipped down to the dollar store to by plastic ones, thinking it would be a fun toy. No luck. They were interested at first but except for a toss in the air...that was it; back to watching the real ones through the screen.

Does anyone know of slender reeds to purchase which are not poisonous ?

My kitties were found in the park, and I imagine became used to the fascinating, various wild life, which they prefer.

They also jump up whenever I am cutting vegetable, fruits, and scoff off with a piece to chew. I keep a bowl on the counter with prill bead water, and pop fruit into it to soak. This is the water they prefer. Without the mango or whatever in the bowl, they won't drink.

They also love to lick the mango, apple, or whatever peel as I am cutting.

Any help on the 'reed like' things would be much appreciated.
Love this website !!!!

I think it's wonderful that you have adopted a couple of new critters to make life interesting. And yes, you have to be cautious what plants they are around because kittens, and larger cats like mine love to chew on some kinds of leaves. I have Yucca plants and a relative to the Yucca, Ponytail Palms, in the house. The ponytail palms are fun for them and fairly hardy. There is a Bonsai version which is more fragile and I haven't tried it. You might also try a Papyrus Plant. Beware of Dumb Cane (Dieffenbachia) which can cause painful swelling of the mouth and throat as well as vocal loss if eaten. Also beware of Lucky Bamboo and Dragon Tree which are both of the Dracaena family and are poisonous to cats.

There is a common reed called Phragmites that some cultures make baskets and mats out of. The Aboriginal culture in Australia used them to make weapons like spears for hunting. You might look into that species. Hopefully, someone else knows more about plants than I do and will offer you some additional suggestions.

Thank you for the compliment on the website.

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May 03, 2011
thank you ~
by: joyfulsunrise

thank you for suggestions. I am going to look them up right now ~

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