My cat's neck bone seems veryprominent suddenly, like a hunch back. Is this just age? (8-ish), has she hurt itself? Is she not feeding herself enough to produce muscle?


You didn't mention if your cat was showing signs of pain or not eating normally. So, it is hard to answer you questions. She could have lost a bit of weight and the bones are more prominent or she may have had a fall that caused an injury.

However, although cats are masters at hiding pain, when you pet her back does she flinch? If she does then I suggest you get her to the vet to check that nothing is dislocated. If there is no reaction to being petted other than being happy for the attention and she is eating normally, then I see no cause for concern.

Here is the link to our page on Cat Bone Structure so that you can see the cat skeleton and bone placement to give you an idea of what is under all that fur.

Cat Bone Structure

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