Pee Problem Possibly Solved

by Marcia Ough
(Nebraska )

Leia as a Christmas ornament

Leia as a Christmas ornament

I wrote a story several months ago about my 16 year old Siamese kitty peeing everywhere but in her litter (I believe because she is jealous of my other cat.). I had tried many, many solutions, including providing her with her own litter box with an opening big enough for only her. Nothing worked until I began carrying her to her litter twice a day, then if she peed in the litter, praising her and giving her treats.

It has been about six weeks now and I have not seen her pee on the floor for many weeks. I also don’t take her as regularly and she seems to be going in one of the many litters downstairs on her own sometimes. I think she is feeling more secure about me with the extra attention, praise and special treats. Thank goodness this is working! I’m back to feeling the love I felt for her before her bad habit started.


Congratulations, this is great news. Your persistence in trying to resolve the problem has had a very positive result.

Thank you for sharing with our other readers, many may have the same issue and this gives a new approach to try.

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