side effects of buprenorphine--3 day timed release (testing for travel sedation--

by victoria
(ontario canada)

usual pose

usual pose

my vet gave ringo (11 year old cat) a 3mg dose of timed release buprenorphine yesterday at noon---she had also had me give her 100mg of gabapentin 3 hours earlier
I am trying to test out sedations that will calm and keep cool for a 10 hour odyssey of travel in 5 weeks--my cat is terrified of the car
so, she was sleepy for 5 hours but that wore off fast and she has been loopy and extremely voracious in her hunger since this morning
anything I can give her to rid her body of this drug more quickly?

she will burst soon!!!


Perhaps you could give your vet a phone call and inquire. I am unaware of anything that will speed up to process. However, its good that you are preparing for the event in advance.

Best of luck to ou both on your trip.

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Sep 17, 2015
wondering about acvet promazine
by: victoria in ontario

can you tell me your experience with this sedation method?
2 of 3 vets I have used will not, or cannot give this sedation as they either don't carry it (which apparently is nonsense as they all have a compounding pharmacy I am told) prescribe it as they have found cats (and dogs) dying on flights because their blood pressure drops too low sometimes----and there is no one to monitor them....
one vet who has a radio show here has had only good experience prescribing it for 13 years.
I am having no luck with any of the opiates I have tried---gabapatin 100mg tablet gives 5 hours of slightly dopey only but still terrified of the car and nothing happened with 1/2 tablet of alprazolam .25 mg
I am out of options to take my cat on the 10 hour odyssey (including 1 hour car to airport, 6 hours flight, 1 hour to new home) unless I use acvet.
thanks so very much

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