Cat has fleas or asthma?

by Rita

Question: My grown ma ma cat pants extremely heavy, like if she had asthma. I was told that a sign of fleas. & I'm not 2 ready 2 argue about that, cuz since she was a feral cat when I took her N, I still let her go outside...I don't ever want her 2 feel like she's N a prison...Also I sometimes feel like I'm being pricked at times, after handling her & the kittens...(I don't let the kittens outside..2 young, not safe)..Please give me some info..I love my babies deeply.


There are a number of things that can cause cats to pant…having shortness of breath can be caused by even fur balls but other more serious causes can be the culprit. Heartworm disease, pneumonia or an upper respiratory infection might exist. However, a cat can be simply allergic to something in the home environment like kitty litter, tobacco smoke or air fresheners, household cleaners, hair spray, perfume…and the list goes on. Read the page on Asthma in Cats. There is also a link at the bottom of that page to Allergies in Cats. You can get more details there on what you might try.

Your cat could also be having an allergic reaction to fleas. It’s not the actual flea they are allergic to but the flea saliva and feces that they leave behind. The page Fleas on Cats gives a full description of what to look for and some suggested remedies.

A word of caution, if you aren’t going to the vet then be sure to read the articles carefully and watch out for toxic items that are mentioned and be sure that you follow directions carefully for products that you get from pet stores, health stores or grocery stores.

I wish you luck with helping your mama cat.

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