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A cat urine remover fulfills two, sometimes three needs. Remove the odor, remove the urine and some products also have a deterrent to help prevent future episodes. Now you’re ready to start the laborious task of cleaning. First, find out how the urine remover product works. Read the directions thoroughly, making sure that the product isn’t harmful to cats. All the products I’ve tested were labeled as being pet-safe. Remember, some stains are forever.

Products described as “stain removers” don’t always seem to work because, after a while, urine can permanently discolor carpet. Most things with acid will bleach. If you see a yellow mark from cat urine, it might be too late (although if it's normal urine, not spray, you can usually get it clean) or the carpet has already been damaged. If the fibers have already been bleached, then a cat urine remover treatment may remove the offensive odor, but it can’t replace the lost color.

Clean a soiled spot right when it happens, or as soon as you discover it. When Max is in a stressed mode I go on what I call “piss patrol” because cleaning a soiled spot when it’s old urine and dried, will just knock you over.

Don’t forget to use the cat urine remover to treat the rubber padding or mats beneath the carpet. They’ll hold odors forever. Some products have an injector to deal with this, if not, buy one. When cleaning up a recent mistake, place a towel over the spot and blot it by pressing down. Repeat this until you get no more moisture from the carpet.

Do NOT rub the carpet, as this will only force the urine deeper into the pad. Also, a wet spot on the carpet from a cat accident is just like an iceberg…you’re only seeing the tip. If the spot appears to be the size of a silver dollar, you probably have a five or six inch stain on the pad. Blot and treat the entire area with the cat urine remover or you’ll be wasting your time.

We have narrowed down the numerous cat urine remover and cleaner products out there, and followed the manufacturer’s directions on urine-stained carpet. Myself and a few friends with the same cat spraying problems used each product on similar soiled carpet areas and consider our opinions to be unbiased.

After drying for 10 days, the areas were covered with plastic for two weeks using carpet tacks. This was to check what odor leached out of the pad beneath. With normal air circulation we might not have had the test we were looking for.

When the two weeks were up, we used our noses to determine which cat urine remover products worked best. We then compared the price and the amount of time and energy it took to apply the solution. Those will be listed first. Listed second will be the products that received mixed reviews such as removing the urine smell but leaving behind a musty odor along with some of the products that are not recommended because we had negative reactions to them.

These products were tested over a six month period because we didn’t want to use any particular area more than once and we sometimes didn't have a sample area to work with (normally a good thing). I agree that this is not professional testing done in a laboratory. It is simply testing the products by using them as directions of the package indicate and giving the final consumer opinion...with our noses.

There are a few others that I haven't tried but the reviews looked okay as well as interesting so I have placed a few here.  Also, if you smell urine but aren't sure where the source is, try the black light that is shown here, or your local pet store may have a similar black light product.  It works pretty good to show urine spots but I've found that it also lights up soap in the shower and my cats don't go in there so just be aware that you can get a few non-true positive results.

Enz-O-Matic Enzyme Action Waste Digester

  • Enz-O-Matic Concentrate features a high concentration of non-pathogenic, live bacteria cultures to quickly degrade organic waste. It cleans and deodorizes with a blend of special proprietary odor counteracting fragrances.
  • Non-polluting and contains no acids or corrosives
  • Directions:Dilute product. Wet area with warm water. Spray on, and brush into stain. Repeat if needed.
  • Comments: Two weeks after the application, there was virtually no odor. I thought it smelled a bit musty but my friends didn’t.
  • Application of this product is easy and uncomplicated. The chemical has a spearmint fragrance which disappears upon drying.
  • UPDATE: This product has become difficult to find since we used it a few years ago.  I did see it offered on
  • Urine-Erase

  • Urine-Erase is an enzyme based product which has been manufactured since 1978. It states that it works on mattresses, upholstery, leather, carpets, drapes, floors (woods, cement, terrazzo), walls, kennels, etc.
  • Directions: Two-part kit. (1) Mix powder with water, and wait 15 minutes before soaking soiled carpet. Leave for eight hours. (2) Pour bottled solution over area. Allow it to dry. Vacuum.
  • Comments: This cat urine remover product received positive reactions from my group. However, the two-part application takes a little more time than a single process. Available on EBay.
  • Nature’s Miracle
  • It contains enzymes that chemically break the urine down to eliminate the smell.
  • Directions: Fully saturate the area with undiluted product. This may mean lifting up the carpet and applying to the pad and the floor. Depending upon air circulation it can take up to 2 weeks to dry completely.
  • Comments: One of the group thought it was very successful for her dog and cat urine that were accidents but I found that Max’s cat spraying liquid is stronger and acidic so I had to repeat the process, saturating completely. Although it was eventually a success, it does take time for the enzymes to break it down as well and it has a longer drying process.
  • Just Rite 1.2.3. Odor Free

  • I am going to use a lot of the description on their website as well as on the bottles. This is not a “saturate and blot” type product but is actually a 3 part kit that comes with an injector tool so you can access the urine under the carpet, down to the floor.
  • Directions: (1) 1.2.3. Yellow Free neutralizes the spot, eliminates the stain and dissolves the urine salt crystals that gather between the carpet and pad. (2) Instant Odor Neutralizer eliminates the odor quickly. (3) 1.2.3. Odor Free industrial strength enzyme /bacteria culture that you inject through the carpet and pad to reach the urine (80% of the urine is under the carpet). Then cover with the spotting towel.
  • The enzymes break down the urine molecules under the carpet, they consume all the urine, throughout the carpet, foam pad, and flooring. With the food source eliminated, the bacteria will now die. They simply convert to CO2 and water, evaporate and the process ends along with the odor.
  • Comments: This kit with all its components is more expensive than most of the others and more complicated to apply….but it works.  Available at Just Rite Cleaning Products.
  • SCOE 10X

  • SCOE 10X has good documentation on how to use the cat urine remover product which is good because the mixing instructions are very specific . They offer a keychain LED black light and they also offer a carpet injection kit for getting the deep odors, both are an additional cost. This one works well in some areas but not all of the areas we tested. In those troublesome areas the odor started slowly returning but in others it was wonderful. So I would cautiously recommend it as good most of the time.
  • Others that worked partially or not at all:

  • BP’s Odor Eliminator: Easy to use but left a musty odor.
  • Nok Out: uses oxidation, without chemicals but we found we still smelled urine.
  • Odor Disposers: This is a formulated blend of odor eliminators without bacterial enzymes. Works okay at first, over time it smells again.
  • Simple Solutions: Enzyme action but the smell returns.
  • Urine Gone: Works okay on regular urine but with cat spraying urine the smell returns.
  • Anti-Icky-Poo by MisterMax

    I first used this product a few years ago when it was recommended by a replacement veterinarian when my regular vet was on vacation. I found that the cat spraying odor returned. I decided to try it again because it had worked on hard surfaces such as vinyl tile floors and baseboards. I made sure to use the injector to get down to the carpet pad and floor, but I had similar results. Over a few weeks I could still smell the cat spraying urine which is stronger than normal cat or dog urine. However, on newer incidents it works well so I agree it works partially. Also, I continue to use this cat urine remover item because something in the scent residue it leaves behind acts like a deterrent so those areas are avoided by Max for a long time. See Pet Products

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