clear mucous from anal 6mth old unneutered male

by doug volek
(victoria BC canada)

The cat never goes outside.....from nightime ok to the next morning lethargic...once stomach and bowels assumed empty...vomiting foam,and bowel clear liquid with no was admitted a day later was immediatly put on an IV drip for appears better now however still squats and passes clear mucous....he was stressed when I went away and had a friend look after him...he is currently still in the clinic and vet can't find anything wrong...question if he has swallowed say a piece of dental floss or suspected string....will this eventually there something I can give him to encourage the empting of the digestive tract if something there?


I'm sorry that I'm answering you so late but I was traveling in Europe for 3 weeks and internet access was difficult to find in some areas.

The symptoms that you describe sound more like a bowel problem than a piece of string in the intestines. However, an x-ray will show blockage of the intestines from twisted string. Please have your vet check him for Cat Inflammatory Bowel Disease which is a possibility. I can’t think of anything else that the symptoms suggest but then again, I’m not a vet. There is a remote possibility that the stress from being left with a friend brought on some reaction, or he managed to get into an area with toxic materials that have caused severe internal inflammation. But, I would think that blood work done by the vet to diagnose the problem would have shown something to indicate that.

Have your vet check for the bowel disease. There is a procedure known as Feline Endoscopy that may be an avenue your vet takes to learn more of the problem. I know that it’s difficult to watch a beloved pet suffer and have physical issues. I wish you well and hope that you and the vet can resolve this quickly.

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