Elderly Cat Health Problems

As your beloved cat ages, elderly cat health problems become a concern.  The visits to the vet become more specialized and around 8 or 9 years old, the annual visit includes a senior blood screening which can alert your vet if there are health issues that need to be addressed. 

Older cat health problems resemble our own human health issues as we age and medical management will be important to the comfort and well-being of your feline.  Getting older for a cat isn't as difficult if you are alert and responsive to differences that are subtle.  When your cat walks ups the stairs...is he going slower with more determination...does each step look like he feels pain? 

He could be feeling the pain of arthritis and there are medications to help with that as well as healthy supplements to strengthen certain areas of your aging cat.  My cat, L'Oreal Blaze, is such a cat and is now getting medication that takes the edge off of that discomfort.  You can tell the difference quickly when they feel so much better.

Elderly cat health issues will be fewer if you remain watchful.  Is your cat eating normal, is he drinking lots of water, is he using the litter box as he should, is he getting exercise and playing with his toys? 

Has he stopped jumping up on the sofa or his favorite chair, is he still showing interest in getting treats?  These are just a few things where changes in the cat's behavior and habits can signal that there are perhaps some problems.

Senior Cat Health

Senior Cat Diets

Cat Diapers

If your aging cat suffers incontinence there are cat diapers available.  There are special senior cat diets and cat food manufacturers make senior versions of many of the meals that cats have become accustomed to. 

There are numerous supplements to make older cat health problems minimal, that focus on providing minerals that target specific body areas to help manage older cat health through the transition from spry youngster to an older, slower feline being.

Many of the age related diseases and problems are detailed in senior cat health.  Simply click on the links provided.

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