Cat Anatomy

Understanding cat anatomy can help you make informed medical decisions for your beloved cat.  Just like humans, feline patients can benefit when someone advocates for medical care on their behalf.  If you speak up for your cat, it helps your veterinarian deliver better care and it may also save you money.  First, you have to be aware of the components of your cat's body, and secondly, you have to be alert to any changes in behavior or appearance of your cat. 

The relationship you have with your veterinarian is a two-way street.  If you can provide information on the changes that have occurred with your pet your vet can more quickly arrive at a correct diagnosis without unnecessary tests because you've put him on the right track with your observations.  Knowing your cat anatomy helps prepare you for noticing what isn't normal. 

There's a fine line between being assertive about your cat's health care and being a "know-it-all" so you have to recognize that goodwill goes a long way with your vet and their staff.  Tell them matter-of-factually what you have observed and then you can work "team-like" to resolve your cat's issues.

Having a good knowledge of the cat anatomy will enhance your perceptions of what treatments are being done and enable you to understand the explanations that your vet is providing to you.  There is a lot of misinformation on the internet and elsewhere so ask questions and have your vet clarify. 

Oftentimes a particular remedy or drug has been mentioned in an article on the internet but is no longer accepted because it's been discredited for no effects or harmful effects.  Look at the dates that articles were published and make sure they are current.  Something put on a website 10 years ago may not have been updated and is now invalid and incorrect.

Cat Bone Structure

Cats Eyes

Cat Ears

Cat Nose

Cat Paws

Cat Teeth

Armed with the basic knowledge of your cat's body can help you have open conversations with your vet.  You can ask questions and discover if the behavior your cat exhibits is normal or otherwise.  You can discuss treatment for your cat's ailments with a deeper comprehension of the process. 

Remember that your vet sorts through information gained from your cat and prioritizes as well as organizes that information in order to both diagnose and treat your pet.  Most vets encourage you to have open discussions when you don't understand the results.  

Cat Spine

Cat Whiskers

Cat Digestive System

Cat Tail

Cat Skin Health

Feline Cardiovascular System

Cat Tongue

Healthy Cat Fur

This section should give you a good understanding of your cat's body.  You can click on the links to each part of the anatomy to get detailed information on that body area. 

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