Cat was holding one ear down. Checked him over and discovered fleas, so treated him. A few days later he is still holding his ear down although not scratching it. He is smelly too, don't know if it's a coincidence. Could it be bad teeth and his grooming making him smell? He eats dry food without a problem and has wet food once a day.


Some odors are clues to where there might be a problem such as a cat whose breath smells like urine may have kidney disease, or a cat with fruity breath may have diabetes. Dental disease can also give off odors. This holds true for other body areas.

When the odor is around the head and ears it is frequently an ear infection, ear mites, bacterial yeast infections, etc.

While sometimes simply cleaning the ears will alleviate problems, oftentimes an infection will require antibiotics. I suggest you try cleaning the ears first with a good feline ear cleaner. You can find these in most pet shops. Once the cleanser is in the ear, let it sit for a couple of minutes, then swab it our with a cotton ball. Avoid using Q-tips because it might pack down debris instead of removing it.

If the odor is still present after cleansing then I suggest you take your cat to your vet for closer inspection. Your vet can prescribe an antibiotic specific to any infection present.

Here is the link to my page on Cat Ears that gives more info and some ear care products that should be in your local pet store as well.

Cat Ears

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