Cat Illnesses

Cat Illnesses...learn the feline illness symptoms to catch ailments early. As we continue delving into the sick cat issues you may encounter with your pet, there will be links to click on, taking you to more details on that particular problem or illness. The disease topics will be in bold, with a brief synopsis, and will have  highlighted links.  Illnesses are not typically fatal and I will point out a few of those issues. Diseases are dealt with in another area called Cat Diseases

A sign of diabetes in cats ...a fastidious cat urinates outside the litter box, a cat with a healthy appetite eats a little more but loses a bit of weight, or a cat has increased fluid intake and more frequent urination. Details: Diabetes in Cats

A feline with cat fever will often stop eating and feel too ill to purr. Some felines with cat fever also stop drinking, leading to dangerous dehydration. A prolonged fever puts a strain on most body organs.  Go to Cat Fever.

Diabetes in Cats

Cat Fever

Cat Constipation

Cat Cataracts

Cat Illness Symptoms

Cat Vomiting

Asthma in Cats

Cat Sneezing

How many times do you hear your cat sneezing, see the runny nose, and after several days start to worry. It could be a feline version of the "flu" and may run its course within a week but check out information at Cat Sneezing.

Cat constipation is a term that gets used loosely as one of the illnesses but it is really three distinct cat conditions: constipation, obstipation, and megacolon. Although they have some similarities they also have significant differences so veterinarians treat them differently. See Cat Constipation.

Cat cataracts are relatively rare. They might be diabetes-induced cataracts, and although inherited congenital cataracts do exist in some breeds the incidence is low. See Cat Cataracts.

Most cats have an occasional vomiting episode during their lifetime and in many cases the reason for the vomiting is easy to detect. A hairball, they ate some grass or a houseplant etc. But, sometimes its not so obvious. Go to Cat Vomiting. Check out the numerous links on the page to go to details on specific ailments.

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